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Présentation d'artiste / Artist Talk : Masha Ryskin

  • Atelier Circulaire 5445 Avenue de Gaspé Montréal, QC, H2T Canada (map)


Nos présentations d'artistes se poursuivent ce mois-ci avec l'artiste en résidence Masha Ryskin. Originaire de Russie, Masha vit et travaille maintenant aux États-Unis. Joignez-vous à nous le vendredi 29 juillet dès 11h30 au local 517 pour découvrir son travail et ses inspirations! Veuillez noter que les présentations reprendrons ensuite dès la fin septembre 2016.


Our artist presentations continue this month with the artist in residence Masha Ryskin. A native of Russia, Masha now lives and works in the United States. Join us Friday, July 28 from 11:30 am, space 517, to discover her work and inspirations! Please note that the presentations will then resume in late September, 2016.


Masha Ryskin


"A sense of place and belonging is increasingly important to me, especially since my immigration from the Soviet Union. As a result, my work explores landscape and its elements through direct experience of the environment around me. I take bits and pieces of my surroundings and assemble them into imaginary environments.  The work investigates the concepts of history, personal memories and everyday rituals, as well as identity and assimilation.

"I am interested in the human interaction with nature evidenced by the traces of our presence left in the landscape. My work directs attention to footprints, stains, and other overlooked elements that speak of the temporal quality of the human experience. The fragmented quality of the work alludes to the constant shifts that occur in memory and history.

"I have recently started to investigate the relationship between a tangible physical object and light, shadows, and projected imagery. My recent projects, both individual and collaborative, are explorations of the ambiguity and subtlety of layered imagery and shadows. I am particularly interested in the transformation of a static work as result of projected video and animation sequences. At the same time, my collaborative practice currently explores the translation of drawing installations to digital photography and video work."

- Masha Ryskin



Masha Ryskin is a printmaker, painter and installation artist based in Rochester, NY and Providence, RI. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, and internationally. As a political refugee from the Soviet Union, she received a classical education in painting before earning a BFA in printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA at University of Michigan. She has participated in a number of artist residencies world-wide. Ryskin is also a recipient of numerous grants, including a Fulbright Fellowship to Oslo, Norway and the Rhode Island Fellowship in Printmaking and Drawing. Ryskin is currently on the faculty at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI.

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