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Wieslaw Haladaj - "Appearances"


Appearances - 2, technique - linocut, size - 70 x 100 cm, year - 2014.

Appearances - 2, technique - linocut, size - 70 x 100 cm, year - 2014.

Dates : March 12 to April 25, 2015
Artist talk : April 25, 4 p.m.
Closing reception : April 25, 5 p.m.

Catch a glimpse into the human psyche as imagined by Polish artist Wieslaw Haladaj, whose exhibition Appearances opens Thursday, March 12 at the Atelier Circulaire gallery. The exhibition will end with an artist talk on April 25 at 4 p.m. followed by the closing reception at 5 p.m.

Haladaj is interested in what he describes as the naked human condition: the situation in which a human being first becomes self-aware, deprived of all ideas and delusions about himself, his existence and the place in which he lives. The artist’s process is built on ideas of self-recognition reminiscent of a religion founded on inner experience rather than on belief. This approach to art-making, based on purity and genuineness, unclouded by any practical or commercial anticipations and cultivated in self-knowledge, is unrelated to the ego going much further, in fact, to the place where the ego disappears. Using linocut due to its primitive and archetypal character, Haladaj’s time-consuming practice becomes a form of meditation in which the inner and the outer become one. To view Haladaj’s Appearances is to be reminded of a meditative state where mysteries of the universe and one’s transience within it shift from complex mythologies to singular spaces.

Born in Piotrkow Trybunalki (Poland), Haladaj studied at the State University of Fine Arts in Lodz, and graduated from the Printmaking department in 1984. He has since been active in printmaking, drawing and painting, showing his work both nationally and internationally. He is the recipient of many printmaking awards and, in 2007, he was a jury member of the 14th International Print Biennal in Varna. He is also a member of the AMIGRAV International Association of Engravers. He currently lives and works in Lodz, Poland.

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Wieslaw Haladaj - "Appearances"