For access to our Production Studio and all of its advantages, you have the possibility to choose between several plans and subscriptions.


Occasional users can come to Fridays at the Studio or use our Occasional Printmaker plan.


Associate Members have access to plans less expensive than Occasional Printers, but are required to pay an annual fee. Regular Members have the opportunity to enjoy all the best of our advantages, but must pay annual and monthly fees of which they have access to at the lowest rates.

See all the details below for each of the plans and memberships.


Here is a list of the many benefits of our plans and memberships.


No Yearly Engagement Plans

During plan:

  • Magnetic key allowing free access 7 days a week, 24h/24 to the Production Studio.*
  • Free access to Fridays at the Studio.
  • Drawer and storage box on site.**


Associate Membership

All the above advantages, plus:

  • Plans at a Lower Rate
  • Special “Associate Member" rates for the services of our professional printers.
  • Special "Associate Member" rate for the store.
  • Special “Associate Member" rates for Fridays at the Studio.
  • Possibility to have a portfolio of artworks for sale at the Atelier Circulaire Gallery and online.
  • Participation in the annual group exhibition The Members’ Salon at the Atelier Circulaire Gallery.
  • Contest entry for a solo exhibition at Atelier Circulaire Gallery.

During plan:

  • Opportunity to exhibit at the Members Gallery in the Studio.
  • Possibility to participate in exchanges with other printmaking centres (Open Studio in Toronto, Fyns Grafiske Værksted in Denmark,...).
  • Participation in special activities (example: the creation of a collective work at Art souterrain 2015, participation to the Rideau Award Contest,etc.).


Regular Membership

All of the above, plus:

  • Our lowest monthly fee.
  • Free admission to the service "Fridays at the Studio".
  • Special "Regular Member" rates at the Store.
  • Special “Regular Member” rates for the services of our professional printers.
  • Permanent magnetic key giving free access 7 days a week, 24h/24 to the Production Studio.
  • Opportunity to request a second drawer.



*     with a 25$ refundable cash deposit.
**   with a 15$ refundable cash deposit.


(effective from the April 1st, 2017) 

No Engagement Plans

Plans available
without annual engagement.


- 1 month:                        $280 +tx
- 2 weeks:                        $180 +tx
- 1 week:                          
$120 +tx
- Fridays at the Studio:     
$35 +tx

Unlimited access to the Studio
for new users (can be offered only once)

3 months:     $300 +tx


Plans for students only
Available from May to August:

- 4 months:       $320 +tx
- 3 months:       $270 +tx
- 1 month:         $110 +tx

For printmaking students, or students in visual arts with experience in printmaking. 
(On presentation of a student ID)


Annual Memberships

Memberships and Plans available
with annual fee of $150 +tx.



- 6 months:                  $690 +tx
- 3 months:                  $360 +tx
- 1 month:                    $140 +tx
- 1 week:                        $70 +tx
- Fridays at the Studio:   $22 +tx

Special for Emerging Artist
Same benefits, at discounted rates
for artists aged 35 and under

- 6 months:                  $500 +tx
- 3 months:                  $280 +tx
- 1 month:                    $100 +tx
- 1 week:                        $50 +tx
- Fridays at the Studio:   $22 +tx
(On presentation of an ID)



$86 +tx /month during 12 months

Emerging Artist Special
Same benefits, at discounted rate
for artists aged 35 and under

$68 +tx /month during 12 months
(On presentation of an ID)